Gallery - Mechanical Engineering

Installation and Erection of Balance of Plant Equipment of 35MW Coal Fired Power Plant (Client Sitara Chemical)
Complete Mechanical Fabrication, Installation & Erection work of 30MW Coal Fired Power Plant (Client DG Cement)
Civil & Mechanical Construction Works 150 Tons Biomass Power Boiler (Client RUNH Power Corp. Ltd, China)
Manufacturing, Construction and Erection of Steel Structure for 03 bridges at Lowari Tunnel-Chitral (Client SAMBU JV)
Installation & Erection of 2x50 Tons Coal Boilers (Client ICI)
Complete Installation of 18 MW Power Generation Plant based on Coal Fuel Project (Client ICI)
Mechanical fabrication, installation & erection work of complete MDF Plant at Mardan (Client ZRK)
Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation Oil Storage Tanks (Client OGDCL)
Installation, Erection and Commissioning of 05 Nos. Mechanical Rotary Parking System (Client: LEPARK)
Fabrication and Installation of 410 ft Flag Pole at Wagha Border (Client: Ayman Abou el Fadal)