Pertaining to the changing economic scenario, characterized by a strong trend towards globalization and an escalation of competition between the organizations, IKAN asserts to remain competitive, reliable, effective and adoptable to progressive demands of the market and committed to professional safety and environmental protection.

IKAN will fulfill this commitment by:

- Maintaining and complying with the requirements of an Integrated Management System.

- Ensuring a clear understanding of our stakeholders’ requirements and responding to their needs and expectations.

- Specifying QHSE Objectives on weekly and monthly bases, and providing resources to achieve QHSE objectives.

- Providing the employees with sufficient training, resources and systems to minimize Loss Time Injuries (LTI), substandard products and services.

- Actively monitoring, auditing and reviewing the Systems, Quality processes, Environmental and Safety performance.

- Enabling all our employees to meet optimum QHSE requirements and striving to achieve good work first time, every time and on time.

- Ensuring regulatory compliance with all laws and regulations of Pakistan.

- Holding supervisory management accountable to maintain competition and ensure a safe and healthy Environmental friendly workplace with a target to achieve zero ‘Loss Time Injuries’.

- Giving Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental considerations, equal status with IKAN’s other business objectives and integrating them into all aspects of its working methodologies.

- Minimization of waste generation and its environmental friendly disposal.

- Holding all its employees and contractors accountable for adhering to Company’s Quality, Health

Safety and Environmental Policy

To lead engineering & contracting establishments in the region and to undertake business with a focus on continual growth by recognizing those contribute to it & building excellence to meet customer’s satisfaction based upon quality and on time delivery. We strive to minimize hazards by virtue of consistent HSE monitoring & evaluations based upon international standards without harming global context & human lives.